Advanced Intelligence

At the heart of a Fastlane system is a multi infrared beam matrix coupled with a custom designed microprocessor using a neural network to run an opinion forming "entity management" system.

The advantage of this system is that it ‘thinks' in real time. When beams are broken the system analyses the speed and pattern of the beam breaks and then links associated beam breaks to entities. The result is that the system can accurately position the size, shape and speed of individual entities in the lane. By accurately positioning entities in the lane the system can accurately detect tailgaters as close together as 5 mm.

This advanced technology allows the system to operate more safely as it forms an opinion as to whether the barriers' can safely be closed based upon knowing where the people are in the turnstiles, how big they are and how fast they are moving in relation to the barrier's position; this reduces the chance of a collision between the users and the barriers and it has the added benefit that the barriers can close more tightly behind authorised users thereby closing the turnstiles to unauthorised users.

Another advantage of being able to track multiple entities in the turnstile is that the system does not have to wait for one authorised user to pass through the turnstile before a second authorised person can begin to be processed. This generates greatly improves throughput rates.

Finally, if additional beam breaks occur whilst an entity is in the turnstile the system decides whether they are associated with existing entities in there or represent new ones entering. This results in many fewer false activations from umbrellas, briefcases, coats etc.


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