Product Returns

Return to Manufacture Authorisation (RMA)

Integrated Design Ltd (IDL) operates a Return to Manufacture Authorisation (RMA) system.

Any items returned to IDL, be they damaged in transit, warranty returns or ongoing technical support requirements need to have an RMA number and a completed Technical Support Form returned with them. Any items returned to IDL without either of the aforementioned items will not be accepted by Goods In and will be returned to the customer by normal post.

To obtain an RMA number, please contact IDL or your supplier. To obtain a Technical Support Form please either download one below, or request one when you ask for a RMA number.

This process is designed to ensure we can provide our customers with the quickest and most efficient service possible. Please complete as much of the form as possible to help us to give you the best service. Thank you for your co-operation.

Technical Support Form


Completing the Technical Support Form

Batch Numbers
Each PCB has a batch number on it. This number is handwritten and normally starts with a B.

batchnum_1 batchnum_2
Above is batch number B1203/15 This board was built in batch 1631, and was the 107th board

Serial Number
Each individual unit has a serial number. This is written on a white sticker.

serialnum_1 serialnum_2

This is the older version of serial number, placed alongside the inspection and test stickers.


The newer versions look like this, the serial number here is 21981


Each unit main CPU has a firmware version number. This is printed on a sticker on the micro controller I.C. The sticker always has Integrated Design printed on it. This allows us to know which version you are operating. 

chip_label_large chip_label_small
This is a Master Chip for a Fastlane 400MA or 400OT. The firmare is NFLMM, the version number is A14 and the Checksum is 43E3. This is a smaller chip used on the Fastlane Optical Boards. The firmware is FLRX, the version number is B0 and the checksum is 8AF9.